Light blue sapphire from Sri Lanka

Light blue sapphire from Sri Lanka 3.59 ct


Purple like Light violet sapphire gemstones, sometimes called lavender sapphires are unique gemstones.
Much more rare than their blue sapphire, purple sapphires do not need the typical heat treatment that the blue sapphire, pink sapphire. Getting a well cut, high quality carat sapphire stone would cost more than other gemstones due to the fact that a quality sapphire is made to the very best value and is a very rare gemstone which makes the demand high and this increases the price.
They are a highly desirable gemstone due to their beautiful light violet color, hardness (second only to diamonds), durability, and luster. Purple, Violet, Light violet sapphires are the least well known of the sapphire family and start to be very used so be among the first to use it.
The color of this light lilac sapphire can also be called lavender. This color is rare in the corundum mineral. Sapphire has a mass of 3.59 carats, and at the same time it is with good purity. The shape of the stone is octagon. Sapphire was not subjected to any kind of ennoblement. Place of extraction – Sri Lanka. This is a great option for a ring for every day.

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