Unique garnet

Unique garnet 11.30 ct


A unique 11.30-carat alexandrite effect garnet in the Gem Lovers collection. In daylight, green with a bluish tint is observed, under incandescent lamps – purple-red. Garnets with a color change weighing more than 10 carats are extremely rare, and with such a strong reverse (color difference under different types of lighting) they are practically not found. All over the world, these stones are in great demand by collectors and lovers of jewelry with rare stones. Such a garnet with a color change effect is an excellent alternative to natural alexandrites, and sometimes even surpasses them in beauty!
Separately, we note the rich inner world of a unique garnet with a color change effect. -> We provide photographs of inclusions taken under a microscope. The photos were taken under different types of lighting (daylight and incandescent light). In one photo, growth zoning is visible on the right side of the stone. The other shows colorless zircon inclusions with tensor cracks. And the last photo shows an interesting inclusion in the form of a comet (a dark rutile crystal with a "tail"). There are about ten such rare "comet-like" inclusions in this garnet.

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