Natural unheated tanzanite

Natural unheated tanzanite 15.10 ct


We are all used to the fact that tanzanites tend to have a deep blue-violet color. However, few people know that natural (non-refined) tanzanites can combine several different colors at the same time. This specimen has blue, purple, and green colors. In gemology, this effect is explained by two features: pleochroism (optical effect) and polychromy (color zones). But not always noble unheated tanzanites have such a lively color, and even more so polychrome, especially in large weight. Most often, unrefined tanzanites have an indistinct polychromic, in which all colors are mixed, and as a result, the stone looks gray. This factor undoubtedly affects their market price.
The tanzanite presented by us is a large piece of jewelry in the European cushion cut. This cut perfectly conveys the saturation of the stone's colors: purple, blue, blue, and green. Natural tanzanite with such a play of color will perfectly fit into any decoration, it remains to choose a design;)

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