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Garnet stone

Garnet is one of the most common gemstones. Its history can be traced back to the Bronze Age. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs wore jewelry with red garnets: this is how one of the necklaces was found, which is more than 3000 years old. Signet rings in ancient Rome were decorated with garnet intaglios for printing wax, which were used to fasten essential documents and letters.

Varieties of garnet stone

Consider the properties and characteristics (descriptions) of different varieties of pomegranates. Below are descriptions of the types of garnet stones, indicating the characteristic color palette for each type.


Pyrope garnet color: fiery red to dark red, seldom brownish-red. The meaning of this garnet stone comes from Greek. “Piropos” is fire-like. Pyropes are garnets that are usually round grains rather than crystals. In jewelry, it is usually represented by small dark-colored stones. The cost of the pyrope mineral is tens of dollars per carat.


Almandine is the most common type of garnet gemstone. Almandine color description: red with a violet tint, less often deep red and dark brown. The name of the mineral is associated with the city of Alabanda in Asia Minor. Almandine is an inexpensive stone, costing tens of dollars per carat.


Rhodolite is a commercial stone, intermediate in composition between pyrope and almandine. Rhodolite shade characteristic: from pink to pinkish-red, violet-red. There are very bright examples with a cost of more than $500 per carat.


Spessartine is less common than pyrope, almandine, and rhodolite. Description of spessartine garnet shade: orange, orange-red, brown-red, yellow. This gem is called after the Spessart mountains in Germany, where it was first found. High-quality spessartine can cost over $1,000 per carat.


The most valuable type of garnets, intermediate between pyrope and spessartine, is the Malaya stone of pinkish-orange, reddish-orange or yellowish-orange color. Sometimes Malaya can have a color change effect. This is a very rare stone.


Uvarovite is a bright green stone. It is presented in the sort of small crystals of emerald color, which have a glassy luster. Uvarovite garnet is called after the Russian Academy of Sciences president, Count S.S. Uvarov. The main uvarovite deposit is the Saranovskoe deposit in the Urals. 


Grossular is a kind of garnet, and its classic shade is green. Named after the Latin for the fruit gooseberry, “Ribes Grossularium”. The color typical for grossulars can be green, yellowish-green, orange, yellow, pink, colorless. Green grossularia such as tsavorite and “mint garnet” can cost several thousand dollars per carat.


Tsavorite is a deep green stone, a sort of grossular. The shade of tsavorite is similar to emerald, but in terms of their rarity, tsavorites exceed emeralds by about 300 times. Tsavorite is one of the most expensive garnets. Its cost can be up to 10 thousand dollars per carat.


Hessonite is a variety of orange, yellow-brown, orange-red, and brown-red grossular gem. The name of the stone comes from the Greek term “esson” – inferior. That is due to the fact that firstly, it was considered a hyacinth (a type of zircon), only with lower hardness. These stones usually cost less than $ 250 per carat.


Demantoid belongs to the andradite garnets family. It is a very rare and most expensive type of garnets. The name of the stone “demantoid” can be translated as “like a diamond”. The bright diamond shine of the gem invariably attracts the attention of jewelers and collectors to the mineral. The stone was first found in the middle of the 19th century in Russia, in the Urals. Now mining is carried out in other countries, but the Ural samples are valued more than others. There is sure to be a stone for each taste and price category among the variety of natural pomegranates on Gem Lovers. If you have not found a set with preferred characteristics in our catalog, then we will be happy to search for a stone for you – contact us. With the chosen garnet, we can make a piece of jewelry, taking into account all your wishes.