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Paraiba tourmaline

Paraiba is the rarest and most costly type of tourmaline. Some exemplars can compete in value with great diamonds of the highest performance. In recent years, the price of these stones has been growing quickly, sometimes by 20-30% per year. This gem confidently bypasses unheated sapphires and Colombian emeralds in cost, and this makes it one of the most expensive gemstones. The cost per carat can exceed 20,000 carats. Today such stone is among the investment gemstones.

Description of Paraiba tourmaline:

  • Color. This gem has a bright saturated tone that varies from sky blue, turquoise to sapphire blue. It is deemed the standard of bright saturated hue with a neon glow effect. Tourmaline owes such a unique shade to the combination of two elements copper and manganese.
  • Place of mining. Brazil used to be the world market leader in the supply of these tourmalines from the states of Paraiba and Rio Grande do Norte. But now the places of their extraction have practically dried up, and Nigeria (the Eduku deposit) and Mozambique (in the Alto Ligonia region at the Muyane mine) have become the leaders of mining these crystals.
One of the interesting features of tourmalines is the polarization of light. This is such refraction of a light beam in a stone, as a result of which the glow is intensified several times. In the case of this tourmaline, this effect gives rise to its inner neon glow, from which it is impossible to look away. Because of this, we can say with confidence that rings, pendants, brooches, and any other jewelry with Paraiba tourmaline will look incredible and impressive.

History of Paraiba tourmaline

For five years, Heitor Barbosa worked at the mine until he discovered an extraordinary blue mineral. The peculiarity was in the striking glow of this stone, which shone even at dusk. This was the bright turquoise tourmaline. It all happened less than 40 years ago, in 1987. Heitor Dimas Barbosa was convinced that the Paraibian hills hide completely different treasures, those that have not yet been found by mankind. He sincerely believed in his theory and was right. He dug one hole after another in a dilapidated quarry without success. Only more than five years later, his team stumbled upon something extraordinary. Tourmaline deposits represented whole sheaves in the form of an accumulation of cylinder plates. In the fall of 1989, the find was put on display in the gallery. A handful of precious stones amazed everyone with their depth of color. The physical highlight is the polarization of light, the features of the refraction of the light beam. Simply put, passing light through a gem enhances it several times, creating the effect of a neon glow. The tragedy for Heitor Dimos was that he could not see the coveted crystals with his own eyes. At the time when the search was finally crowned with success, he was terminally ill and soon died. The stone was named Paraiba tourmaline after the name of the first deposit in the state. If you are looking for a sample of this stone, then please pay attention to the lots of our company. Gem Lovers is always ready to provide its customers with high-quality photos and videos of specimens for each stone. It is also enough to contact us to obtain a certificate of authenticity for a gem, consult, or even share your preferences with our specialists in order to find a suitable sample for you. In addition, our jewelers will help to satisfy all your requests and create wonderful Paraiba tourmaline jewelry such as rings, tiaras, earrings, and much more.