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Tsavorite Garnet 

From the rich palette of natural jewelry garnets, tsavorite stands out for its rare green color, by which it can be easily identified because such a shade is rarely found in the world of precious stones. Tsavorites in nature are often fractured, and there is little good cutting quality when mined, but this specimen is an exception.
  • Place of mining. Today, tsavorite is mined in the wilds of Kenya and Tanzania and is fraught with many challenges. It is mined at considerable depths and by hand. Another tsavorite deposit was discovered in the south of Madagascar near Bekili (Tulear province).
  • Value. Tsavorite occurs in nature 300 times less often than demantoid and emerald. In terms of value, high-quality, bright green stones are extremely highly prized and can exceed $ 10,000 per carat. The cost of such tsavorite grows every year, and this makes tsavorite one of the best stones for investment and the subject of private collections. The high cost of tsavorites is also explained by the fact that tsavorites, like spessartine grants, are not subjected to any kind of refinement and synthesis.
Garnet’s tsavorite properties such as rarity, high hardness, and excellent gloss make it an incredible object in jewelry. If the stone is not too colored, then a strong dispersion of this garnet can be seen. The properties of this grossular and the very attractiveness of the stone were appreciated by Tiffany & Co., which in 1974 began promoting it to the market. Now tsavorites are highly valued in the world due to their properties. Best of all, this green garnet will look in daylight in a silver frame, as in the example of one of the photos. Then its natural color will show itself in all its splendor. Due to its high strength and physical properties, tsavorite is resistant to external influences. It is enough to follow the standard rules for the care and storage of natural stones for the green gem to serve for a long time and delight with its radiance.
  • Luster: glassy
  • Birefringence: none
  • Dispersion: 0.028
  • Density: 3.61 (+0.12; -0.04) g / cm3
  • Refractive index: 1.740 (+0.020; -0.010)
  • Hardness: 7-7.5
  • Color: bright green to yellow-green

Garnet tsavorite history

The history of this green garnet is closely related to the name of the Scottish geologist Campbell Bridges, who has the fame of the discoverer. For the first time, this rare gem was found less than half a century ago. Bridges discovered the first stones in 1967 in northeastern Tanzania near the village of Komodo. Later, he discovered a second tsavorite deposit on the Tanzanian-Kenya border in the Tsavo National Park area, after which the name of the stone was derived. This beautiful grossular garnet is mined only in the countries of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar. In their color, they are yellowish, green, and bluish-green. Most tsavorites are dark, so bright specimens are valued the most. The bright green color is expressed due to the admixture of vanadium to the aqueous calcium aluminosilicate. Nowadays, natural tsavorite is used exclusively in the jewelry industry. The faceted tsavorite is encrusted with magnificent jewelry that looks more than excellent. The crystal perfectly complements gold earrings, pendants and necklaces, silver rings, bracelets, and signet rings. Despite the external resemblance to the precious emerald, tsavorite is a much rarer gem, and it has a lower density and a wider palette of shades. And, unlike emerald, these stones are rarely treated, their color is created by nature itself. If you are interested in this gem, then please contact us in a convenient way for you. Our experts will consult you on any of the stones and answer all your questions.