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A Buyer’s Guide to Black Diamond Quality

A Buyer’s Guide to Black Diamond Quality

August 29, 2021

Black Diamond

The black diamond is guessed to be a must-have accessory on the jewelry box of each woman as the short black dress. However, this magnificent, luxurious, and gorgeous gemstone is underestimated. Due to the specific quality characteristics of this diamond, it is treated as a lowly transparent gem. Such a quality feature differs this gem from its relatives. Its natural cool effects are caused by micro inclusions into these dark-colored minerals which origin is less explored. Some jewelry experts and geological researchers advance two interesting theories. The first theory clarifies that the origin of these gems is connected with interstellar space. The second one is more pragmatic and proves their geological deposits located in Brasilia and in some areas of Central Africa. Nevertheless, two theories have one grain of truth that regards the fact these dark diamonds are mined in the upper layers of soil.

In any case, the black diamond is a brilliant alternative to the ordinary white transparent gems. It highlights a reserved beauty and mystique. The deeply colored unprocessed gems are actually a rare thing for the jewelry industry. The temperature processing actions improve the quality of lots of these black “swans” in order to reach the intensive homogeneous shades. According to the price range, these jewelry stones cost cheaper than their white “siblings”, but their real attractiveness and value refer to the unique and uncommon color.

Everything you should know about black diamonds

about black diamonds

Before you purchase a new piece of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings, etc, embellished with dark-colored gems you need to know some details about the quality to verify the genuineness of your new diamond accessories.

To summarize the aforesaid, you should realize that the right choice of the extraordinary accessory is based on the particular list of quality criteria mostly applied to the different colored gemstones. However, the primary rule highlights that the perfect gem is the one, which satisfies your tastes, mood, and desires. So, don’t be afraid of standing outs from the crowd and follow your heart and intuition.

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