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Celebrating Opals — a Colorful History

Celebrating Opals — a Colorful History

August 9, 2021

Celebrating Opals

Once people valued everything that nature gave. The gemstone was a special mascot. Now its value is at a high level too because such gifts of nature are used to make incredible jewelry. Famous people of ancient times described the beauty of opal stones in a special way. It’s hard to believe that it was created by nature. In the modern rhythm of life, people forget to be interested in truly valuable things. We want to remind you that opal stone is a real gift of nature. Therefore, it’s worth getting to know more about this gemstone. 

This article is for true connoisseurs of gemstones, including opal stones. And if you still don’t know anything about this beautiful stone, today you will get to know it, and we are convinced that you will forever fall in love with its amazing beauty. 

In general, opals are soft minerals that consist of large amounts of water. People say it’s a living stone. Many people are surprised when they see this stone for the first time because the color of the opal is ambiguous, and at first, it is impossible to understand what color the stone is. At first glance, opal stone fascinates with its various shimmering colors. You will notice the shine from this stone at once, it is impossible to compare with anything. When you see it, you will understand why the ancient Romans and Greeks admired it, its unearthly beauty and splendor. Researchers have always been interested in opal stones.  More and more specialists are studying opal stones in today’s world. And it’s not surprising because every time they find new secrets about this stone: its structure, properties, and most importantly – a combination of different shades of color in this stone.

The color of the opal stone and its amazing radiance

The color of the opal stone

When studying a mineral, special attention is paid to shades of opal. Look at it and say what color is it? Blue, red, yellow, purple, or maybe green? Definitely not. The color scheme of this stone is so colorful that it is difficult to define one. However, opal has a basic tone, it’s mostly black or white, you can also come across the gray color of the opal. It’s sometimes really difficult to see the main tone. Therefore, look at the stone from above and in natural light. Let’s take a closer look at opal colors.

Opal is the unique, diverse and beautiful stone. In the family of precious opals, there are a lot of different types of opals. Each gem has its own unique color combinations. You can find orange, yellow, red, green, blue or purple opals. Black opals are considered one of the rarest gemstones, although they can also have a variety of dark shades. It is worth emphasizing that a quality stone will have numerous shades because it’s a feature of this stone. We recommend you to pay attention to it and enjoy the incredible beauty of this gemstone.

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