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Which gemstones go well with each other?

Which gemstones go well with each other?

August 22, 2021

gemstones go well with each other

Every woman will be delighted with precious jewelry. But it is worth remembering that not only the metal from which the jewelry is made plays a vital role in creating an image and a complete look. The stones serve as a harmonious addition to outfits, demonstrate the status of their owner, embody the most cherished dreams, and influence self-expression. Thanks to the stones in jewelry, you can emphasize your individuality and originality.

The jewelry industry has a rich offer of jewelry, which can contain several gems at once, sometimes not quite matching each other. Therefore, in order for jewelry with gemstones to delight with beauty and bring grace to the owner’s image, it is worth choosing them by the color scheme and taking into account each of its certain criteria. In this article, we will share the most important of them so that you easily and completely understand which gems work well with each other.

Selection of gemstones by color

Selection of gemstones

Matching gemstones by color is an important aspect when choosing jewelry. For example, colorless transparent stones (diamond, sapphire, spinel) are combined with all transparent stones and with some translucent ones, but far from all opaque ones, except for black onyx, jet, etc. Black stones, in turn, do not go well with crimson, brown, blue-violet, and white can be combined with stones of any color. Therefore, when combining colored stones, one should take into account the warmth of shades and brightness: 

There are also other tips that include:

In addition, there is a system for selecting gemstone jewelry depending on the combination of colors and shades of skin, eyes, and hair of people – a well-known system of 4 season color types: “winter”, “spring”, “summer”, and “autumn”. Thus, the following main trends can be distinguished:

Without a doubt, self-expression is how a person sees and feels. Therefore, first of all, we recommend listening to yourself. If you like this or that stone, then no rules will prohibit you from wearing it with another. And yet, if you are not completely sure which gemstones go well with each other, then use our article to bring your image as close as possible to the ideal.

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