Tanzanite stone owl figurine

Tanzanite stone owl figurine 24.22 ct


Lovely owl made of natural tanzanite gemstone! Owl is the trend of the season. These cute birds have won the love of millions and have become recognized heroes of modern fashion! The figurine of an owl made of tanzanite stone is made using the technique of stone carving: if you look closely, the master stoneworker delicately highlighted the wings, feathers, and legs with light strokes. Pay attention to the high quality of the carving and the original style of the author. Jewelry tanzanite is rarely used for making carvings. This tanzanite figurine is an exception.

An owl made of natural tanzanite will adorn any collection of minerals or gemstones, you can also frame this figurine in an elegant frame to wear it as a pendant or pendant.

A gorgeous deep blue-violet tanzanite jewel in the shape of a cute owl will be a chic addition to a trendy yet feminine look.

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