Large yellow sapphire

Large yellow sapphire 22.34 ct


Sapphires are among the most famous colored stones, and their value ranges from weight, cut quality, color intensity and rarity, and stone clarity. We present to you a large yellow sapphire in a quality cushion cut, which will be a significant addition to your generic collection. This large sapphire was mined in the homeland of the world's best yellow sapphires – Sri Lanka (Ceylon). There are insignificant inclusions in sapphire, which disappear altogether when re-reflected, you can see this by watching the video on the left.
It is worth paying attention to the large weight of the stone: after all, such sapphires are saturated yellow without the slightest shades of green are very rare. The stones are often heat-treated to obtain the best possible color. But our untreated sapphire, as you can see, is perfect in everything! ->

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