Zircons in earrings

Zircons in earrings 14.46 ct


A sparkling pair of colorless zircons, perfect for creating stunning earrings. There is no limit to imagination, earrings of any style and design can be brought to life with these natural zircons. They can play both a leading role in earrings and an auxiliary one when adding other stones to the design. These zircons have a number of advantages: large "face", good cut, excellent clarity and, of course, it is very difficult to find two zircons that are so similar to each other. Natural zircon is a transparent stone of various colors and shades with strong iridescent flashes.
However, there is a strange and erroneous opinion among the people that zircon is a synthetic and not a natural stone, associating it with cubic zirconia (cubic zirconium), which is a gross mistake. gemological certification center.

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