Blue zircon

Blue zircon 30.35 ct


Zircon has an exceptional play of light, comparable to the play of light in a diamond. Natural zircon from Cambodia is a real kaleidoscope of all shades of blue. Possessing a rich pleasant color in the shape of an oval, blue zircon will perfectly fit into any product, playing the first role in it, whether it is a luxurious pendant made of white gold or an exquisite ring in platinum. Usually, a pavilion is pulled out in zircon, for the preservation of the maximum weight of the stone, due to the unsuitability of such a cut, the stone becomes unpopular in jewelry.
The presented blue zircon is a delicious combination of a deep "prickly" blue color and a classic oval cut (without a stretched pavilion!) in an incredible, for such unique color, weight 30 carats! ->

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