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Ruby from Mozambique

Ruby from Mozambique image

Mozambique today is the largest ruby supplier in the world. Ruby deposit was discovered in Montepuez in the northern part of the country in 2009. The finest Mozambique rubies can come close in color to top quality rubies from Burma. The most highly valued vivid red rubies have trade color name «Pigeon Blood». The price of ruby can be measured in thousands of dollars per carat, depending on its weight, color, clarity and treatment. Most of the unheated faceted rubies from Montepuez are under 3 carats. Traditional heat treatment is performed on stones with a silky appearance. The larger the natural ruby, the more it will cost per carat. The price of good quality African rubies without heat treatment can be 1.5-3 times more than for same quality heated rubies. Montepuez rubies come from two main locations. Material from Maninge Nice looks purplish red to red and stones from the Ntorro area are darker and more brownish or orange. You can choose and buy ruby from Africa on the Gem Lovers website. In our catalog of rubies you will see only good quality specimens. Buy ruby from Mozambique can be remotely by making an order. Video, photo, price of ruby and detailed description are given for each stone. For all rubies in the catalog we can give you any additional information. We also can supply rubies wholesale, please write us in contact form.

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