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Ruby oval

Ruby oval image

Ruby - precious stone, red variety of the mineral corundum. Ruby is considered to be the most expensive red stone after the red diamond. The cost of the best bright red rubies on auctions may reach a million dollars per carat. Among all color stones ruby is the most expensive. Ruby value depends on its characteristics: color, clarity, weight, cutting quality and treatment. The best ​​color of natural ruby is bright red without additional shades, it has a commercial name of "pigeon blood". Purple or orange shades in red greatly reduce value of ruby. Treatment is important for value grade. Thermal treatment, or heating, is the most common method to enhance color of natural ruby. Color of unheated ruby is inartifictial, so price of such stones usually is significantly higher than heated with similar quality.

Origin: All Mozambique
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Large rubies with good quality are extremely rare, so usually such stones are sold with certificate of a gemological laboratory, which confirms its natural origin and current information about characteristics. Red ruby ​​with poor transparency could be shaped in cabochon. Rubies usually have interesting optical phenomenon - the effect of asterism («star ruby»). On the star ruby ​​cabochons you can observe 6-ray star, moving across the surface. Such gemstones are very highly valued. Natural rubies usually are faceted in oval and cushion shapes, this forms are widely applied in jewelry in rings and pendants with diamonds. Ruby is an ancient symbol of love and passion, probably this fact is a reason of special attraction of natural heart-shaped rubies. Gem Lovers' team provides only good and high quality rubies. We give full description and information about each stone to help you make a perfect choice. To conclude, online store of precious and semiprecious stones Gem Lovers is an excellent place to choose and buy a ruby of your dream!