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Sapphire is a family of corundum varieties, that includes all colors, besides red, ruby. Corundum mineral is widely spread on the Earth, but transparent suitable for cutting crystals are very rare. Its ideal chemical formula is Al2O3. Pure corundum is almost colorless. The majority of gem-quality corundum contains a low percentage of additional elements, that usually have a great influence on color. So, presence of different elements is a main reason of color origin in current corundum sample. In fact, there are a plenty of color varieties. The most polpular sapphire type is blue sapphire. Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Madagascar, Australia deposits provide beautiful gemstones on the whole world market. The most valued are unheated blue sapphires which were mined in Kashmir. Besides blue, sapphires other shades are defined as fancy colors.

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Fancy color sapphires are corundum variety with all colors besides blue. White, yellow, green, orange and pink … To demonstrate all kinds of colors we suggest you to imagine a rainbow. Complicated shades, like pinkish orange, violet, vivid purple, bluish green, orange red are unique and rare. Sapphire, including both orange and pink, is well known as padparadscha. Pink sapphire, light blue sapphire and yellow sapphire in prefect cut often look close to fancy color diamond. Green sapphire is really beautiful in jewelry. Gem and jewelry lovers like sapphires for their beauty, hardness, perfect luster and fire on facets. In some samples optical phenomenon of color change is observed: blue manifests on day light and violet or purple displays under the yellow light. Black sapphire is opaque more often than not, so, in comparison with high clarity corundum, it usually has a low price. Fancy color sapphire, as all corundum, usually are well polished. To find the perfect gemstone, pay your attention on symmetry and proportions of cutting. Beautiful gemstones must incorporate regular shape (step, brilliant or combined cut), good symmetry and perfect polishing. The most popular fancy colors sapphire forms are oval, cushion and octagon. Another important factor of sapphire quality is clarity. In some cases clarity could be a key characteristic of evaluation. Loupe clean and eye clean samples are very rare and more valued, it means, that a gemstone does’t contain any visible with loupe or by naked eye inclusions or cracks. The majority of stones, particular corundum, contain inclusions of another minerals, gas or liquid, it is all right for natural gemstones, but for cutting only transparent sapphires are available. How to buy sapphire? Gem Lovers’ team practices an excellent selection of color sapphires. You can find actually all sapphire varieties in online catalog. Gem Lovers online store is a perfect market place to find and to buy safe and convenient. If you want unique gemstone, make an order and we will select perfect sapphire special for you. Enjoy! ---