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Blue Sapphire oval from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Blue Sapphire oval from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) image

Most of the best blue sapphires today are mined in Sri Lanka. Important feature of Ceylon sapphires is that they usually have bright blue colors. The most highly valued sapphires from Ceylon have trade names «Cornflower Blue» (silky bright blue color) and «Royal Blue» (saturated dark blue color). Sapphires from Sri Lanka are also characterized by a good clarity. Large cracks and contrast inclusions are very rare. Sometimes needle-like rutile inclusions may impart silky and asterism effect for sapphires. The price of blue sapphire can be measured in thousands of dollars per carat, depending on its weight, color, clarity. Faceted Sri Lanka's sapphires rarely exceed 5 carats. The larger the natural sapphire, the more it will cost per carat. The price of good quality sapphires without heat treatment can be 1.5-3 times more than for same quality heated sapphires. The main mining center is Ratnapura. Production is also conducted from mines in Elahera, Kuruvita, Kataragama and on the river Kalu Ganga. You can choose and buy blue sapphire on the Gem Lovers website. In our catalog of blue sapphires you will see only high quality specimens. Buy sapphire can be remotely by making an order. Video, photo, price of sapphire and detailed description are given for each sample. For all sapphires in the catalog we can give any additional information. We also can supply blue sapphires wholesale, please write in contact form.

Origin: All Madagascar | Sri Lanka (Ceylon) | West Africa
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