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Green Sapphire oval

Green Sapphire oval image

Fancy green sapphire is a very attractive gemstone for admiration and for purchase. Well known, that green color gives relax and pleasure for human’s eyes, also in jewelry. It assossiates with lovely things: grass and flower, healthy, youthfulness, summer days. Green sapphires come from Ceylon, Madagascar, Thailand and Australia mines. Combining of excellent luster, beautiful color palette, high hardness gives to it advantages in comparison with many other stones. Green sapphire looks beneficial, for instance, surrounding by diamonds.

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Nature of color in green sapphires is usually caused by summing and overlay of blue and yellow zones in the majority of gemstones. So, such green sapphires are also named as «multicolor» and «bicolor». Moreover, due to slightly less popularity than blue sapphire, price of green color samples are more attractive for buying. There are four main characteristics of green sapphire: color, clarity, carat weight and cutting. Mostly valued is bright green shade, in some samples slightly visible yellowish or blueish tints could be observed, in a reason of zoning or strong pleochroism. Stones with grayish or brownish green color, with contrast zoning, too dark or too pale are low valued in the market. Gem Lovers collection contains only high quality green sapphire, samples from our online store combine good clarity, pleasant color, lovely cutting and weight more than 2 ct. Gem Lovers online store is an excellent marketplace to find and buy natural gemstones for your private collection or fine jewelry.