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Orange Sapphire cushion

Orange Sapphire cushion image

Orange sapphire is one of gem-quality varieties of mineral corundum. In fact, fancy color sapphire varieties, particularly orange type, are in uptrend now and, obviously, will conquer hearts and minds of jewellery lovers in nearest future. Palette of this corundum variety includes shades of orange color: from intense orangish yellow to reddish. Beautiful saturated colour is its main benefit. Orange sapphire sometimes contains zoning and different inclusions, but clean eye and loupe eye samples are more valued, of course.

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About colour of orange sapphire

Orange color is exceptionally rare for natural corundum. The primary treatment for fancy sapphires is a thermal enhancement of colour and clarity. Natural orange sapphire are sooner an exception than a rule.

In fact, color in the majority of orange sapphire was improved by either simple thermal treatment or heating with beryllium (beryllium diffusion). Beryllium sapphires are presented mainly on the low market, but we don’t select such samples for Gem Lovers catalog.

Cutting of orange sapphire

Cutting is also an important quality factor. On the world marker there are extremely large quantity of stones with non-symmetry cutting and proportions, with window or huge pavilion. We propose you gemstones with nice symmetry and perfect polishing. High hardness of corundum mineral allows to receive a great polishing and fantastic luster. Popular forms of faceted gemstones are oval, cushion, octagon.

About purchase in Gem Lovers online store

Gem Lovers online store offers precious stones of excellent quality, with high characteristics: color, clarity, carat weight more than 1 carat, and beautiful cut. Price of orange sapphire on our catalog is reasonable, its value depends on quality factors. We provide all information about precious stones in catalog, including clarity, weight, price per stone and per carat. Overall, our website is a marketplace to find, choose and buy your perfect gemstone safe and convenient. Enjoy!