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Padparadscha Sapphire cushion

Padparadscha Sapphire cushion image

Besides the most famous red ruby and blue sapphire, corundum family contains many other shades. Sapphires, that have color distinguished from blue and red are referred as fancy, or multicolor sapphires. Pink, violet, purple varieties look so adorable! Among them an absolutely charming rare type of sapphire is padparadscha. The name «padparadscha» has romantic meaning «the lotus flower». Its primary feature is a simultaneously presence of orangish and pinkish shades in a sample, sometimes more orange, sometimes more pink. Important pinkish orange sapphire sources include Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Madagascar.

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There is no unified opinion in gemmolodical society and trade companies about where the current borders between fancy pink sapphire, padparadscha and orange sapphire are. So different laboratories could define one sample as different sapphire varieties. Notable, that Sri Lankan mines are known for the finding of unique padparadscha pieces. Ceylon also produces a plenty of other corundum varieties. Gem Lovers’ team carefully selects good and fine quality padparadscha for our catalog. There are four main characteristics of padparadscha: color parameters, clarity, carat weight and cutting. High quality cut stone should combine harmonic proportions, good symmetry, nice polishing and beautiful form. Often in the market you can see flat stones, with window or very large pavilion, but not in our online store. Samples weighted more than 2 ct are rare and consequently more valued. High clarity means transparent sapphire padparadscha, with very small inclusions slightly visible by naked eye, in loupe, eye clean and loupe clean types. Necessary to tell some words about treatment, heating is a usual method of padparadscha color enhancement. Surely natural, non heated samples are in priority. Items in Gem Lovers online store catalog have very attractive prices for high quality padparadscha. Overall, you can find and buy you perfect gemstone in Gem Lovers catalog safe and convenient. Enjoy!