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Pink & Violet Sapphires oval

Pink & Violet Sapphires oval image

Delicate color distinguishes a rare variety of mineral corundum pink sapphire from others. Romance of this stone in engagement ring could illustrate your personal love story. Polishing of pink sapphire demonstrates charming and strong luster and fire on facets. This ability makes it to look like a fancy diamond. Palette of shades of this corundum variety contains pink color of different saturation and brightness, from slightly pinkish to intense almost purple. On the other hand pink sapphire samples could be close to ruby, so border between vivid purplish pink sapphire and ruby sometimes is not obvious. In total, color of pink sapphire is a cornerstone of its evaluation.

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Clarity is very important, as well. Very often corundum samples contain inclusions, must be considered, high transparent pink sapphires, eye clean and loupe clean, are rare. In our experience, the large problem of gem-quality corundum, include pink sapphire, is non symmetrical low quality cutting. Our team selects only fine quality cut pink sapphire for our catalog. As to origin of pink sapphire, main source includes Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania and Burma. Enhancement is a usual processing for pink corundum, the most common is a thermal treatment, allowed to improve color and clarity. Gem Lovers’ team collected in online catalog the best pink sapphire samples and a wealth of other natural stones, that combine beautiful color, good clarity, excellent cutting and weight more 1 ct. If you are looking for interesting high quality sapphires or another gems with reasonable price to create exclusive jewelry or replenish your collection, pay your attention on our items. To find something unique, just make an order. In summary, online store Gem Lovers is a perfect marketplace to inspire and buy your excellent gemstone!