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Yellow Sapphire oval

Yellow Sapphire oval image

According to international jewelry and gemological practice, yellow sapphire is gorgeous rare gemstone, and, moreover, as perfect natural alternative of the same color fancy diamonds. This corundum variety distinguishes from others by color: from light brownish-yellow to bright orangish. We recommend yellow sapphire to all gem and jewelry lovers and private collectors. Customers like it for its indisputable advantages. It has good luster on facets, high , polishing and very beautiful in jewelry! Pure yellow shade is positive, so it creates sunny mood and makes life better! Suitable of cutting yellow corundum looks great in almost all kinds of cutting forms: octagon, cushion, oval, princess, round, etc. Furthermore, price of yellow sapphires is more attractive, in comparison, for instance, with blue sapphire and ruby, and, of course, yellow diamond.

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We offer to our customer yellow sapphire from different deposits. The best specimens are mined in Sri Lanka, because Ceylon is a historical place of mining and paradise of corundum family. Main problems in yellow sapphire choice are rarely of high clarity samples, sometimes too pale shade, and color enhancement of stones with large saturation of yellow. Bright golden is unusual color for a natural fancy sapphire palette. The majority of the strong yellow sapphire samples on the market is either heated or beryllium-treated, that could have low price. But in our opinion, play of color on facets and overall beauty of natural unheated yellow sapphire are noticeably better. All stones in GL collections are carefully selected in order to collect suitable to our requirements samples. We avoid too pale of greenish tint, zoning, cracks and inclusions in our yellow sapphire specimens and prefer unheated samples. For the reason that yellow corundum crystals come direct from Sri Lankan mines, price of natural unheated stones is reasonable and very attractive. High clarity and fine polishing ability make yellow sapphires perfect choice for lovely jewelry. Overall, online store Gem Loves is the best place for precious stones purchase.