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Spinel blue & Cobalt

Spinel blue & Cobalt image

Blue spinel is a very beautiful fine color variety of spinel gemstone. Gem-quality rough generally comes from Sri Lanka and Vietnam mines. Color range of blue spinel extends across light to dark blue, sometimes with additional tints. Usually, but not always, blue color in spinel mineral is an evidence of cobalt element presence. Therefore, natural blue spinel is often named as «cobalt spinel». Its hue could be similar to blue sapphire and even diamond, but spinel is more available and consequently a lot less costly than a blue sapphire or diamond of the same size, form and appearance.

Origin: All Vietnam
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Interesting, that fine blue spinel samples can compete with red spinel variety in price. But if a stone demonstrates dull grey component or mixture of grey, violet hues, don’t expect this spinel to be high valued. Cobalt spinel is perfect choice for men jewelry: rings, cufflinks. It looks strictly and minimalistic. As for women jewelry, blue spinel makes an impression of elegancy in classic style rings and pendants. Catalog of Gem Lovers online store includes only high quality gemstones, that combine good cut, symmetry and polishing, clarity with minimal quantity of inclusions and are simple beautiful. Find a blue and cobalt spinel for your private collection or exclusive jewelry and inspire by wealth of precious and semiprecious stones at our Gem Lovers marketplace! Join to us and enjoy!