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Spinel cushion

Spinel cushion image

Spinel is very interesting and adorable natural gemstone, it definitely has unique charm and great history in famous and crown jewels. Interesting, that its chemical composition is close to the corundum mineralogical group, for instance, to ruby and sapphire. Spinel mineral has a wide selection of colors and shades, in which gem-quality samples occur in nature. Just imagine: lavender, light blue, delicate pinkish, metallic grey, violet, orangish, reddish, deep marsala and velvety blue, even green and white… Hues mostly depend on low content of different chemical elements, such as chromium, iron and manganese, for instance. Red, pink and blue spinel types are generally accepted in worldwide gem trading and fine jewelry creation.

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The most expensive is red spinel. Its rich velvety red hue coherently gave potential material for myth and legends in ancient time, because red color could be easy impressed as a metaphor of blood. Before the time, when mineralogical methods of identification and origin determination were invented, red spinel and ruby, due to proximity of their colors, had been considered by jewellers to be the one precious stone. Nowadays ruby is much more valued on world market, than spinel, in average, but its representatives with pure red and pink hues are excepted to be increased significantly in price in nearest years. Blue spinel is also very popular fine gem variety. Its color range includes shades of blue, from light to dark. Some samples can look closer to blue sapphire, some - to fancy diamond. Collectors and gem and jewelry lovers prefer pure red and blue shades with high intensity in spinel. Additional tints, like orange, brownish in red and violet and grey in blue varieties could rocket reduce their value. High hardness, 8 in Moos grade, make spinel suitable to grind perfect, really beautiful cut samples. Its important advantage is high dispersion value. If the stone is not very dark, it can give birth to amazing fire and luster on facets! Gem Lovers’ team selects only good and fine quality gemstones, particularly spinel. We carefully make a selection of gems for private collections and jewelry creation. Our specialists provide full information about each gemstone in catalog and help you make a decision. Gem Lovers online store is an excellent and convenient marketplace to find and buy your perfect gem. Enjoy!